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Powermods is a local developed ECU.

Developed and manufactured by Domingos de Carvalho.

Domingos is assisted by Paul and Breggie on the manufacturing side and by Phillip on the software side of things.

The first ECU was produced in 1992, this was fitted to an Alfa turbo and managed a first run of 14.22sec @ 181km/h at Tarlton, today the fastest turbo car is South Africa from Budler Motor Sport is running a Power Mode and did a 7.45sec.

  Our passion for racing and cars inspires us and its this passion which led us to develop the Powermods products that we would like to introduce you to.  
Single (1-8 Cyl) or Multi coil (4 Cyl)
Trigger per Event & TDC input (Opt)
Semi Sequential Fuel with TDC only
Built in MAP 1 – 5 Bar user Selectable ...
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Full Sequential (4 Cyl) Fuel & Ignition
Semi Sequential (4 Cyl, 6 Cyl and 8 Cyl)
Trigger per Event &
Trigger Wheel Available Now: 60-2, 36-1, 36-2, 12-1, 100-2, 30-1, 18-1 ...
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Full Sequential (4 Cyl, 6 Cyl) Fuel & Ignition
Semi Sequential
Multi Tooth TDC input
Trigger Wheel Custom Any Conf Standard Wheels: 60-2, 36-1, 36-2, 12-1 ...
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